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1) Bookings:
Booking requests must be written out on the special form or via the Internet, with all relevant information included and signed by the customer. Acceptance of bookings is dependent on the availability of places and the acceptance and signing of all the conditions mentioned which are part of the booking form. The booking will be confirmed on reply of the organisation.

2) Payment:
At the time of booking, it will be necessary to pay 30% of the total fee. The remaining amount must be paid within a week of the walking tour. When bookings are made less than a week before the tour, it will be necessary to pay the amount in full at the time of booking using the necessary formalities described on the booking form. If payment is not received, then the services will not be provided.

3) Changes to the tours:
The tour requested when booking and payment was made, can be changed and/or cancelled, by the unquestionable judgement of the guide, for reasons out of their control, such as bad weather conditions, bad visibilty, landslides or flooding of part or all the tour trails, hiker(s) unsuitably kitted out, hiker(s) in bad health. If any of the above conditions arise, the organization is not obliged to reimburse customers for any changes to part or all of the services provided.

4)Changes requested by customer(s):
Changes requested by customer(s), in the case of bookings already paid for and confirmed, can be accepted if they can be carried out. If changes are made, any additional expenses incurred will be charged to the customer(s).

A customer has the right to withdraw a booking after payment with the following penalties:
- 20% of the fee up to 20 days before tour;
- 40% of the fee up to 10 days before the tour;
- 80 % of the fee up to 5 days before the tour;
- No reimbursement to the customer any nearer to the tour date.

6) Tour cancellation:
The organisation reserves the right to cancel a booking if the minimum group of 4 customers is not reached, announced within adequate time. The organisation will then reimburse the fee that has been partly or fully paid for.

7) Customer obligations:
Customers must observe the normal rules of being careful and using caution, of all the information supplied to them by the organization and the guides. Customers will be liable for any damage caused by their non-fulfilment of the above mentioned obligations. Customers are urged to read the walking tour description, technical difficulties of the hikes, and to make known any needs and/or personal restrictions due to health problems, allergies, intollerances etc. Besides, they are obliged by agreement to no reimbursement in the case of justified changes and/or cancellations of the programme

8) The organizationís responsibilty:
Customers taking part in the walking tours will be covered by an insurance cover of the guide leader. However, such insurance will not cover damage caused by behaviour which does not respect the rules set down by the guide before and during the walking tour.

If the walking tour is not carried out as agreed on, the guide must be told straight away, so the organization may deal with the complaint and find an adequate solution.
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