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Machine Britannica.
Although most machine parts are solid metallic bodies of suitable proportions, nonmetallic materials, springs, fluid pressure organs, and tension organs such as belts are also employed. The most distinctive characteristic of a machine is that the parts are interconnected and guided in such a way that their motions relative to one another are constrained.
Machines An Open Access Journal from MDPI.
A Novel Automated System for the Handling of Car Seat Wires on Plastic Over-Injection Molding Machines. Machines 2021, 9 8, 141; https// 25 Jul 2021. The structure of car seats is becoming increasingly complex, with mixing of wire conformation and plastic injection.
Machines Apple Premium Reseller Store Malaysia. Machines Apple Premium Reseller Store Malaysia.
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The Machine 2013 IMDb.
This movie was dark, both literally and figuratively. I don't' think there was any sun shown until the very end. The Machine meaning the movie because the android was simply called Machine as well had a mysterious element to it as is usually the case when governments are involved.
MACHINE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
a machine breaks down The machine broke down and we had to call someone to come and mend it. a washing/sewing/copying machine Slowly feed the paper into the copying machine. a machine for doing sth He invented a machine for setting type.
Machine 2017 film Wikipedia.
Shubham Verma 16 March 2017 Machine Release Date Cast 2017 Bollywood Film Archived 6 September 2018 at the Wayback Machine. Bollywood" Movie Machine Shooting Locations." Retrieved 11 June 2017. Kiara Advani's' first look and new poster from her upcoming film Machine.
Machine Wikipedia.
55 While generally not considered to be a machine element, the shape, texture and color of covers are an important part of a machine that provide a styling and operational interface between the mechanical components of a machine and its users.
machine Wiktionary.
Borrowed from Middle French machine, from Latin mchina a machine, engine, contrivance, device, stratagem, trick, from Doric Greek mkhan, cognate with Attic Greek mkhan, a machine, engine, contrivance, device, from which comes mechanical. General American IPA key: /min/. machine plural machines.

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